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Thursday, November 3

Tamworth, ON
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PPK LogoHired Brenda as a Financial Advisor in 2009 -  "Brenda is very efficient, consistent and has always had wonderful insights and suggestions as to how our business can be streamlined and more responsive to various aspects of expenses, sales and budgeting. Her personality has always been very professional and definitely shows her years of experience. I am very grateful for the systems she has put into place that keep me knowledgeable of my business with up to date reports. Everything is always done on time. Thank you Brenda”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity 1st

Tawlia Chickalo, Owner, Pheylonian Production Kohr

JMT-Logo"Brenda has the experience and the know how to accomplish any of your business requirements. She is thorough and extremely proficient, never missing a detail, saving you pennies or even dollars! Due to her attention to detail being second to none, penalties, interests and deadlines are non-existent as everything is taken care of long in advance. Her professional advice is provided with resourceful integrity, always in the best interest of your goals. Brenda is efficient in every manner required to handle accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, book keeping, payroll or other required support. Brenda is delightful to work with and comes highly recommended!”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Jade Trace, Owner, JMT Performance Horses 

KKD-LogoHave worked with Brenda as a co-worker & colleague - "Brenda is a professional all the way. She is not only proficient and detail oriented, but can multi-task any situation while remaining calm and focused, keeping everyone on task and focused on deadlines. A true manager! Brenda has the capacity to manage all aspects of the day to day business operations with total professionalism as would be expected of any corporate executive. Brenda conducts herself with personal high standards of integrity and you can count on her confidentiality. She inspires others to do their personal best. On a personal level, Brenda is a pleasure to work with."

Top qualities: Professional, Proficient, Reliable, Trustworthy

Kathryn Aunger, Web Designer